Our Top Reasons to Shop Second Hand September 21, 2016 12:35

Picking my top reasons for shopping Pre loved has been quite a challenge, they are just sooo many!!

In the Uk we have dedicated charities & Associations purely to encourage us to re use what we or someone else has.
We ditch more than a million Tonnes of Clothing per year !!

Second Hand Clothes Waste & Recycling

How many of us have seen something in a sale and purchased it for the sake of it, taken it home and then never worn it?? Im guilty are you?

Since I Started selling pre owned clothing, I very rarely buy anything else, I hate clothes shopping in stores with a passion.
My kids are dressed in the best gear and they do not look like hand me down wearers... in fact I tell them ' the only person that knows its second hand is you ' 

Just yesterday we had some new stock in, my eldest was straight in the bags and grabbed a faux leather coat as new, shes delighted with it and looks flipping amazing in it... im still hoping she will let me share a picture of her in it for this blog!.


I am so passionate about pre owned clothing, I could babble on and bore you for hours lol, So here are my top reasons;

  • Second Hand Clothing Is Cheaper - As a family of six this had to be my top choice. New or Lightly used pre owned clothing can be purchased for a fraction of the price it would be instore!! At Clothes Shack an as New outfit would set you back anything from around £12 - £15, that would cost a whopping £65 in store!
  • Used Clothing is Eco Friendly - In 2012 Eco Green reported that the Uk was throwing away a Whopping 25 million pounds a year by sending clothes to landfills. With cheap stores opening like Primark this figure is only going to increase
  • Be Unique - How many times have you purchased a top or blouse, then walked down the street or met up with a pal who has the exact same thing?Retailers mass produce items for each season, thus you are more likely to see someone else wearing it... with preowned its very unlikely
  • An outfit for every occasion - Because second hand is so much cheaper than buying in store you can fill your wardrobe full to bursting with good high street & designer brands for not alot of money. You can also experiment with different styles, and if you dont like it you havent wasted alot of money.
  • So Much Choice - Ever taken the time to pop to a store specifically for a certain type of item, like a black dress with a V Neck, got there and the only dresses they have are round necks? At Clothes Shack we have so many new items in every week, that the choice is huge.

Well that's my top 5 reasons.. have I missed your top reasons? please do let me know in the comments

I hope I have inspired you to shop pre owned and if you would like to find out more do check out these websites;

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Have fun spending

Kelly xx